API for blockchain based ticketing

Valicit is a fast, scalable blockchain-based API for modern ticketing platforms.

The revolution
in ticketing

Digital tickets can be easily forged, copied and redistributed. Valicit wraps state-of-the-art technology into an fast, scalable API to solve these issues.

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Users and event organizers can verify the ownership of tickets at any time using blockchain.
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Tokenized tickets can be safely resold, providing new revenue streams to stakeholders.
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Complete control over the secondary market ensures that only authorized people have access to the event.
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Our API is as simple to integrate as possible. Adding it to your platform requires only 2 endpoint calls.

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Smash Fest VIP
Tue Aug 22, 2024

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Meet the
smart ticket

We bring the benefits of blockchain technology to all the fans around the world without changing their user experience. Entering the event requires a simple QR code scan at the venue.


Our platform is fast and easy to integrate into your existing software stack.

Tokenize tickets

Call our API every time you sell a ticket. We handle the creation, storage and delivery of all your tokens. Best part? Your users won't even know that they are using Blockchain!

Control resale

We provide full control over the resale market. Event holders decide if tickets can be resold, set their price limits, and determine the royalty split from each transaction.

Validate tickets

A simple scan can verify the authenticity and ownership of a ticket by leveraging Blockchain Technology.

Powerful by

Take advantage of blockchain technology without the pain of crypto wallets and gas fees. It's as simple as calling our API.

Our timeline

We develop world changing solutions while taking utmost care of user experience, security and scalability of our API.

Initial Idea

Levaraging Blockchain Technology in ticketing industry

Market Research

Analysis of the ticketing sector's bottlenecks


Released MVP of Valicit API


Concluded Alpa and Beta testing

Version 1.0

Released Valicit API to the general market


Scaled architecture to handle up to 10k requests per minute


Reduced integration time to under an hour


Adding primary ticket sales to Valicit Marketplace

Offline Tickets

Optional tickets for off the grid events

Expanded Dashboard

Giving our vendors detailed metrics regarding their ticket sales